Pack Meetings & Events

Pack events are for all scouts K-5th grades. Pack meetings are once a month generally the first Friday with some Saturday events.  Dens (small groups by age/grade) also meet 1-2 times per month on a day of the leader's choice.

8/23 – Friday, 6:00pm* – Pack Meeting 
Water Rockets and Sign-up Event @ Blue Skies Park

Let's have a blast with Cub Scouting and flying water rockets! Invite your friends (boys and girls Kindergarten to 5th grade). New Families are welcome to come check it out. We will have people there to help you get started in scouts and sign-up. 
  • We will be on the basketball court.
  • You can bring a clean 2-liter bottle; it can be decorated like a rocket if desired (we will also have supplies)
  • Bring lawn or camp chairs for family members; scouts will sit on the ground with their dens. 
  • Returning scouts, please come in uniform.
Our August Scout Law theme is, "A Scout is Friendly". Be sure to show your friendliness by welcoming new families and making sure new scouts get to launch a rocket safely. Returning scouts, please come prepared to pay annual dues ($55 for the first scout, $45 for siblings without additional "Boys Life" subscriptions). Applications will be available for signing up new scouts. Pack and Den Leaders will share information about scouting and will be available to answer questions. 

*NOTE: Early start time due to sunset.

9/6 – 6:30pm – Pack Meeting: 
New Parent Welcome and Popcorn Kickoff @ Altona Middle School

Enjoy fun outdoor activities for the scouts and returning families, while we get to know our new cub scouts. New Parents will have time to ask questions. If you missed the August event and still want to join the pack, feel free to come and see what we do. We will have people there to help you get started.

POPCORN! Our Popcorn Kernel, will share the details for the annual Popcorn Sale fundraiser. 
Come see this year's prizes, get your sale information packet, and enjoy a snack with the pack! 
The next morning scouts can check out popcorn at Popcorn HQ.

Den Meetings
  • Lion Den 6 & 7 - First meeting: Monday Aug 26th, 5:30 at Blue Skies Park, after that 2nd Mondays location TBD
  • Tiger Den 17 - Wednesday @ Blue Mountain Elem 
  • Tiger Den 18 - Wednesday @ Blue Mountain Elem (with Tiger den 17)
  • Tiger Den 5 - Thursdays @ Hygiene United Methodist Church
  • Wolf Den 10 - Thursdays @ Eagle Crest Elem 
  • Wolf Den 15 - Mondays @ Eagle Crest Elem
  • Wolf Den 16 - Thursdays @ Eagle Crest Elem (with Wolf den 10)
  • Bear Den 4 - Tuesdays @ TBD 
  • Bear Den 9 & 12 - Thursdays @ Hygiene United Methodist Church 
  • Webelos Den 14 - Wednesdays @ Blue Mountain Elem (with Webelos den 2)
  • Webelos Den 2 - Wednesday @ Blue Mountain Elem
  • Webelos Den 3 - Monday @ Hygiene United Methodist Church
  • AOL Den 1 - Wednesday @ Hygiene Elem
  • AOL Den 8 - Thursday @ Blue Mountain Elem 
  • AOL Den 12 - Wednesdays @ Hygiene Elem (with AOL den 1)

Sync your Calendar

The pack uses ScoutBook's built-in calendaring tool for both den and pack calendars.  Once you are linked to your scout in Scoutbook, you can add your den calendar to your own Google Calendar or other calendaring tool. Go to Administration -> Events ->My Calendar -> click Subscribe, and then copy and paste the link into your calendaring tool.

Pack Events
At a Glance

8/23 – 6:00pm– Pack Meeting: Water Rockets and Sign-up Event, Blue Skies Park

9/6 – 6:30pm – Pack Meeting: New Parent Welcome and Popcorn Kickoff, Altona Middle School

9/27 – 6:00pm– Pack CAMPOUT! Tahosa

10/25 – 6:30pm – Pack Halloween Carnival

11/8 – 6:30pm – Pack Meeting: Space Derby!

11/9 – TBD – Longmont Veteran’s Parade

12/6 – 6:30pm – Pack Meeting: Holiday and Popcorn Celebration

1/11 – 10:00am-3pm– Pack Meeting: Winter Fun Day

2/8 – 9:00am – Pack PINEWOOD DERBY

3/6 – 6:30pm – Pack Blue & Gold, and Crossover

4/3 – 6:30pm – Pack Meeting: Earth Day Service Project

5/1 – 5:30pm– Pack Graduation