Directions To Camp Patiya

Here is the link the Council's web page describing Camp Patiya.

Camp Patiya is at 7022 Flagstaff Road, about 7 miles up Flagstaff Road west of Boulder. Starting in Boulder just south of the University of Colorado, go west on Baseline Road through the University Hill residential area. Flagstaff Road begins near 5th Street, and climbs up Flagstaff Mountain.

You will see mileage markers as you continue along the road. At about mile marker 3, continue straight past the turn to the Flagstaff Amplitheater. Over the next 3 miles, you will encounter two climbing s-turns and a descending s-turn. As you come out of the descending S-turn, it is about 1/2 mile to Camp Patiya on the right. If you pass the 7 mile marker you went slightly too far!

From the parking area, you need to walk about 100 yards to the camp site and about 1/8 mile to the Lodge.

Here is a google map of the location.

2012 Family Camp- out at Camp Jeffery

Planned for Sept. 8-9 (Camp Firday & Saturday night) 

Going to Camp Jeffery instead of Patiya!
11:30 Sat. until mid-day Sunday
Campout Plan
1) 11:30 - Arrive at camp. Bring your own lunch!
2) 12:30 - 1:30 Pack Activity (Capture the flag or possibly a game of Ultimate)
3) 1:30 - 2PM Free time
4) 2PM Flag Ceremony
5) 2:15PM - 5PM Den Specific activity Time
6) 4PM - 5PM (Optional) If some dens finish early I will find a trail where we can do a Pack Hike
7) 5PM - 6PM Webelos will be cooking dinner and clean up. This include parent helpers.
8) 6PM - 7PM Eating Dinner
9) 7PM Closing Flag ceremony
10) 8PM - Campfire Smores and skits. The den with the winning skit recieves Whitlin Willie
11) Sleep
12) 7:15AM - 8AM Wolf/Bear Cook breakfast and clean up.  This include parent helpers.
13) 8AM- 9AM Eat Breakfast
14) 9AM - Clean up camp
15) If there is interest we can do a morning hike before heading home
16) Free play until you are ready to head home.

PAST Years activities have included the stuff below

We are planning these activities for our weekend and will work them into the schedule as weather and mood permits.

  • Hike
  • 1st Aid
  • SOAR Patch (1 hour)
  • Map & Compass
  • Knot tying
  • Retire Flag
  • Smores
  • Cracker Barrel Snacking


Note: times are approximate.

FRIDAYYou may start camping out tonight but arrange for your own food this evening.  Play games for evening activity.
 8am Breakfast
 9am Flag Ceremony
 12pm Lunch (baloney, PB&J, chips)
 6pm Dinner (hobo dinner, hot dogs)
 8am Breakfast
 9:30am Scout Service (non-denominational)
 11am Cleanup and Departure

Things to Bring

  • Tent
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Warm cloths
  • water bottle
  • hat
  • sunscreen
  • Scout uniform (for flag ceremony)
  • day camp t-shirts (optional)
  • bug spray
  • comfortable shoes for hiking
  • extra socks
  • Rain gear - It could happen......