The best way to get started is to attend a meeting or event.  Leaders will share more about scouting, our pack, and plans for the upcoming year.  You can meet your child's pack and den leaders, ask questions, and check us out. 
Contact with any questions about getting started with the pack.

  1. Turn in a youth membership application (also available in paper).
  2. Pay annual pack dues:  $95 for the first scout, $85 for siblings (or remainder if part is paid during online registration). 
  3. Acquire a uniform & book.

Cost & Finances

August Annual Dues -  $95/year, $85 for additional siblings, paid at the August pack meeting. If you are new to the pack and want to see if it is a good fit first, we ask that you make that decision by the first few meetings.  Pack dues cover the National Registration Fee and a subscription to Boys’ Life Magazine per family.  

You may make payment via:
- Cash or check payable to Pack 673.
- Now accepting Zelle® 

September Popcorn Fundraiser -   Proceeds from our annual Popcorn Sale fund the rest of the pack program including awards, outings, special events, kits, food, building rental and other supplies.

January Donation Request - Each January families are asked to donate to the "Investment in Character and Leadership" campaign of the Longs Peak Council (parts of CO, NE, and WY). The council provides Scout camps and facilities, insurance, leader training, service centers, and administrative support. They spend $600 per youth per year and ask local units to contribute $200 per scout per year. A portion of our popcorn fundraiser goes toward this amount. We ask families to donate a voluntary amount to reach the remainder. If we reach a set goal collectively as a pack, we receive discounts on awards and camps.

Other Events: Scouting offers many opportunities for camping and events run by the Council or District.  These events may include Fall Weekends ($10-30), Cub Klondike ($10), Day Camp ($56), Resident Camps ($165).  The pack may cover some or all of the cost depending on the success of our popcorn sale.  

Pack scholarships may be available for the Pack dues.

Uniform (Class A)
Uniforms may be purchased from the Scout Store in LouisvilleLoveland, or Online (assembly required)
Required Pieces (roughly $90):
     • Shirt:    Lion T-Shirt
                    Blue Shirt for Tiger, Wolf, Bear, 
                    Khaki for Webelos & AOL
    • Insignia: Longs Peak Council patch, numbers 673, purple world crest emblem, den number
    • Neckerchief & Slide
    • Belt
    • Handbook 
Other optional pieces are available. Commonly you will see members of our pack wearing a hat and red patch vest.

Clerks at the scout stores can help you select the right uniform pieces, but you'll need to know the pack number (673), grade-level rank, and den number:
  • Kindergarten - Lions - Den 6 or 7
  • 1st Grade - Tigers - Den 5, 17, or 18
  • 2nd Grade - Wolves - Den 10, 15, or 16
  • 3rd Grade - Bears - Den 4, 9, or 12
  • 4th Grade - Webelos - Den 2, 3 or 14

  • 5th Grade - Arrow of Light - Den 1, 8 or 11
Uniform donations may be available.

Pack T-Shirts (Optional Class B)
Available for purchase ($10 kids/$15 Adults).
Members of the pack often wear pack t-shirts during summer activities, and occasionally during the school year when meetings are too active or too messy for class A uniforms.


Addendum with an outline for the requirements

Medical Forms

Each scout and leader must complete a BSA Health Form A and B annually.  The pack does not keep electronic copies of this form as it contains sensitive medical information. Please fill it out with a pdf editor and save an electronic copy for yourself, print and sign. (DO NOT EMAIL medical forms!). Write down the information you would like the leaders to know, and then tell us, too.  Family members may also need to turn in a health form in order to participate in some events (e.g. Camp Tahosa, District Cub Klondike, Day Camp.)  Old forms are returned or shredded. 

Please KEEP A COPY for yourself (so you won't have to start over each time).