Looking Sharp - Uniform Information

Uniforms create a sense of belonging, represent equality, and display scouts’ adventure and achievement. The uniform should be worn for all scouting events except when another outfit is suggested due to the type of activity.

If you have any questions about the uniform, patch placement, etc., please check with their den leader or use these handy guides:

Need help attaching patches to the uniform? We have an offer for you!

Two women in the pack have generously offered to sew patches! This is great for new scouts or new Webelos who need to outfit their tan uniform. Thank you, ladies, for your example of being helpful!

Mrs. Charlotte McCloy (Grandma to James and Evie)


3582 Larkspur Court 80503 (light brown house directly across the street from the pool, NOT Larkspur Drive or Circle.)

Put your uniform and patches labelled with your child's name, your name, phone and email in a bag. You may leave it in the box on her front doorstep or hang it on the doorknob inside the

screen door. Please email to let her know you are dropping it off, and she will let you know when it is finished.

Alyssa Sailer (Colton’s mom)

(720) 841-4614 - alyssaasailer@gmail.com

10338 Phillippi Way

Longmont CO 80503

You may drop off uniforms at the front door in a bag/box with your contact information and any special instruction for where patches need to be placed. Please provide a hanger so that the uniform can be hung after being sewn and pressed.